Special Education Law

As a parent who has been through the process personally with her own son, Holly helps clients get the education their children are entitled to. Services include reviewing evaluations, IEPs, and 504 plans; communicating and negotiating with school districts; and assisting parents in navigating the special education appeals process.

Holly's role as a former school committee member gives her an additional perspective and intimate knowledge of how districts manage special education costs. This insight helps Holly to evaluate issues and concerns from both sides and provide her clients with objective, honest advice. more information

Special Needs Planning

A person receiving governmental benefits such as SSDI, SSI, Medicaid, and Medicare can protect his or her assets with specialized trusts drafted for that purpose. These trusts may be funded by the person receiving benefits or a third party. In addition to trusts, Massachusetts allows the creation of ABLE Accounts, which have fewer restrictions and requirements than trusts. more information

School Discipline

Students facing disciplinary action have rights, especially if the offense emanates from the student's disability. If your child is facing a suspension, expulsion, or other discipline, Attorney Lynch can help negotiate with the school district, prepare for your fair hearing, or advocate for your child. more information

Estate Planning

As we enter different phases of our lives, our needs change. Whether your need is to carefully choose a guardian for your minor children or to ensure that you will be able to pay for nursing home care, Holly can help. She will thoughtfully draft an estate plan that will address your objectives and goals. Services include:

  • Review of current estate plan
  • Wills
  • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
  • Durable and Limited Powers of Attorney
  • Testamentary and Medicaid Trusts
  • Health Care Proxies and HIPAA Releases
  • Life Estate Deeds

more information

Probate Administration

The probate process can be overwhelming for some, especially on the heels of a loved one passing away. The will and the size of the estate will determine what kind of probate (voluntary, informal, formal, or supervised) will be required. Holly can walk you through the process if you choose to do it yourself, or she can take care of all the paperwork for you. more information

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