Mom Was Right

Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today
Was your mother like mine, always using phrases like that to emphasize her points? Well, in this case, she is right. I’d like to share a true story that just happened regarding a client of mine.

As an estate planner, I frequently receive calls when a person is terminally ill and needs to get an estate plan done quickly. I have notarized wills and powers of attorney in hospital rooms, rehabilitation centers, and in hospice settings. Those are the lucky ones because we were able to execute them. Last month, however, I met with someone who had health problems, but she still thought she had ample time to do a will and power of attorney. After I completed the drafts, but before she signed them, she passed away, unfortunately–much more quickly than she or her spouse had anticipated. The legal effect of the unsigned drafts? None–it is as if she had done nothing at all, and her wishes for her estate are just that, unfortunately.

Make Mom proud and don’t put off making yours.